Lithium battery webinar and reports

Do you need information about battery markets, manufacturing and technologies?

Do you want to join the lithium battery business and learn more about battery manufacturing and process technology?

These few documents have all the information you need to start your activity! Don’t waste your time; trust our experts!

Bonsai Technology is working on training master classes, webinars and reports.

All these products come from direct experience in the battery industry and daily contact with the main companies in the lithium battery business.

All the information inside the products are already used by our partners to speed up their business and get new customers in the lithium battery industry.

Avoid repeating the mistake of trying to get information from unknown sources. Your time is important: what you need is a pool of strategic and detailed information in a single document.

Below you can find:

  • Lithium battery manufacturing training course: The first manufacturing training course to give you all the information regarding the lithium battery process, technology and equipment. You will be able to understand all the battery manufacturing processes that take place in Giga-factories, and have a complete overview about equipment technologies and common product failures.
  • Lithium battery market reports: More than 50 pages with a complete overview of the lithium battery market and industry. You can get information about giga-factories’ programmes, makers and suppliers’ lists. If you are going to open a battery manufacturing facility, here you can find all information for your business plan and understand all cost breakdowns in terms of product, process and technologies.

All the information you need for a deep dive into lithium battery technology is here!