Bonsai technology strongly believe in world transition to sustainable energy and our mission is to accelerate this process supporting companies which want to join in the battery business and companies which already started production of Li-Battery and Supercap.

European companies are investing billions in battery business, but supply chain, network and competencies are not ready enough to support their business.

Competence and knowledge is the base for successful projects!

Bonsai Technology born in North Italy, close to Bologna, from the idea of Cristopher Iacò to fill some gaps in battery business. Based on his experiences in many battery manufacturer site during the last 5 years, he have seen as main issues:

  • lack of knowledge in term of Li-Ion Battery manufacturing
  • lack of knowledge in term of Li-Ion equipments and many difficulties to manage the production start up phase
  • poor network in supply chain

Our Lithium battery knowledge comes from the field: from gigafactories and direct experience with main players in supply chain

Our team is composed by Engineers and Experts with many years in different fields of battery business:

  • Equipment validation and development
  • Software engineering
  • Process development
  • Lithium ion battery manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Data analysis

with all these competencies we are able to support costumers, which are new in the business, from the beginning of project sketch, till the production start up through:

We believe in a strong european supply chain for Lithium Battery business!

Till now we helped costumers to get new orders for new products developed together and start ups to get funds for their first production plant.

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